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Let's have a quick chat about your wedding portraits.. :)

One of our favourite times of a wedding day is heading off for your bridal portraits, be this on site at your venue or off in some exotic location, either way, this is a premium time of your day...

Newly married and full of excitement at the joys unfolding on your wedding day, this is when you get to spend time with your closest, your new husband or wife and your hand picked bridal party, oh and us, your photographer friends who are just as excited as you are!!

We always recommend setting enough time to get some epic shots of your full bridal party before we relinquish them to go party and give you some time to see eachother (possibly for the first time on your day so far)...

We'd love to spend hours and hours creating magic with you at your wedding, but you'll have people to see, parties to be had and celebrations to enjoy, so all we ask is to plan ahead a little and set aside ample time on your day to enjoy everything to the max, even if this means bringing your ceremony time forward a little to get the most out of your wedding day.. :)

Get in touch to have a chat about your wedding day, we'd love to help put your timeline in order and make the most of our time with you... :)

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