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We're Doug & Heather.. A super energetic Husband & Wife photography team, based out of Christchurch on the beautiful South Island of New Zealand.

We have 10 years of wedding experience, having attended more than 300 weddings.
In 2019, Doug won the NZIPP Wedding Open Photographer of the year with some of his amazing wedding creations... taking creativity to that next level while capturing all the fun that your wedding day celebrates...


We bring candid, friendly and creative photography to your truly special day.

We capture moments you won't even remember happening, bringing new dimension & remarkable joy to your wedding collection.

Doug is on hand for all of our Weddings and

let us know if you're after a second photographer to double up your view points..

Packages are customizable and

based around how long you'd like us at your day.

Hoon Hay, Christchurch, New Zealand 8025  |  Tel: 027 315 3555

Contact us to capture your day perfectly...

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